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Lately I have done some "one paragraph memes" (OK, sometimes two...), inspired by some of the wonderful images and gifs I come across in the Tumblrland. Some of you may have already seen these in that aforementioned land, so apologies about that and just skip & hop over this post, but I thought to share these with those who have not.

Images and paragraphs below...

He hated the sheepish way his gaze followed her retreating back as she walked away. Yet he couldn’t turn away, the force stronger than him freezing him on the spot. When she turned around the corner, the corridor felt colder and bleaker, his heart heavier.

(Image source – as far as I could ascertain:

He regarded her from her bright auburn curls down her lean body, observing every girlish curve and the way the simple northern dress hung tight against her body. She was just a girl on the cusp of womanhood and yet in her he saw powers of seduction more formidable than those conjured by even the most experienced beauties at the court. Fuck me! he thought - then cursed, the irony of his words stinging him.

(Image source – as far as I could ascertain:

He cursed under his breath the whole way across the field of destruction, guiding Stranger with his knees to avoid the crumbled tents, bodies of Northern soldiers lying motionless where they had been slain, horses kicking in their final death throws.
The little wolf-bitch pressed hard against him, the enmity between them forgotten for a moment. Her little heart thumped against his own and for once they were in perfect synchrony with each other, the raw cruelty of death forcing together the two disillusioned souls driven by rage and vengeance.

(Image source – as far as I could ascertain:
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