Feb. 24th, 2013

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I got tagged by   [livejournal.com profile] littlebirdhound   for this ten random things, to state 10 random facts about myself - so here I go…

1. One of my very earliest memories is playing in snow, so deep it was to my armpits (which realistically considering wasn’t probably very deep at all, at that age…)
2. Since I finished my degree I have worked in five different positions, but never applied ‘cold’ to any of them (i.e. they have all proceeded outside ‘normal’ application processes)
3. I have dyed my hair to a colour different to its true colour for so long that I hardly remember (know?) what my true colour and shade would be if I would stop doing it…
4. I am particularly drawn to hairy men (unfortunately in my imagination only, nowadays…) – hairy chest, arms, hands, knuckles, legs…I don’t even mind hairy shoulders or back!
5. I enjoy being on my own – an evening or weekend alone without the hubby is a bliss (as much as I love him and enjoy spending time with him as well!)
6.  I have no kids and have never felt an inkling of desire to have any (my hubby neither) – it is absolutely cool and understandable that other people want children, but…it just has never been me…
7. I rather spend an hour of my time in a foreign city in trying to find a nice restaurant for dinner (or lunch) rather than by shopping.
8. I have had two BIG loves in my life; absolutely overblowing, swiping-feet-from-under-me-kind of loves…plus two smaller ones and a few ‘good time’ crushes/loves…
9. I don’t have much female intuition or perception about people, relationships and undercurrents of such matters; I am more like men in that sense, and usually the last to notice anything (“A and B have been having an affair? C is pregnant? D does not like E?”)
10. I am getting seriously addicted to wine...with meals, after dinner, just by itself…not (only) to get drunk but because I enjoy the taste. Sometimes getting tipsy is an undesired side-effect and I wish it wouldn’t happen (those about to suggest drinking non-alcoholic wines, have you ever tasted any??? I do enjoy the taste…especially buttery, creamy Chardonnay, berry, smooth Merlot, spicy full-bodied Shiraz, fruity, tarty Pinot Noir … yummm…)


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