Oct. 24th, 2013

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The man was all hard angles and planes as he lied next to her in the bed, his bony hips and ribcage protruding against Ara’s soft body when she pressed it against him.

He had arrived earlier that day carrying a flaming sword, fire of which didn’t quench even in the scabbard. He was accompanied by a red-headed woman who carried a stone that shone bright and red as the evening sun about to disappear behind sandy dunes in a ribbon around her throat.

They were looking for a silver-haired former khaleesi among the dosh khaleen. The stern-eyed man had declared that they wanted to take her far, far away, to the North, to the man in black who needed her. This man - the Watcher on the Walls - needed her Fire for his Ice, and together they were to conquer the ancient enemy that threatened the whole world; Westeros, Essos and all the lands north and south, east and west.

Dothraki didn’t care about the enemies so far away, but the miracles this dark man and his companion had performed in front of their eyes had convinced even the most sceptical old crones. Hence they had been afforded all the help and support dosh khaleen could provide, including offering Ara to the man when it was seen that he didn’t share his bed with the woman he travelled with.

Ara veered even closer to the man, fascinated by his grimness, his noble features, his broad shoulders and sinewy form. That this man was destined to greatness was evident to her and she wanted to rub even a small part of that into herself. Yet the man only pushed her away, sighed and turned his back on her, leaving Ara to wonder what drove a man like that when not even the softest skin, the silkiest hair and the most voluptuous body could steer him away from his path.

This was inspired bythis thing )
doing rounds in Tumblr and other social media. I thought it might be a fun thing to write a one-sentence/ one- paragraph/ one-ficlet/ a full-blown 200K-word opus on the fate that fell on you on this one...

So how about you talented writing ladies, anyone willing to share theirs??


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