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Not that I plan to reveal anything extraordinary or secretive here, but as I already have one public journal in my Tumblr blog, I thought the secong blog could be a bit more private.

If anyone is interested to meet me in Tumblr, it is - I least, my blog name is ladytp. 100 points for originality and inventiveness, I know! :-)

So anyone who may come across this, I still would love to interact with you - so if you feel the same, do send me a friend request!

All my fanfiction that I have posted in my LJ journal, should be pretty much also posted in AO3 ( and FF (

See you later...

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EDIT: If you do this, would you like to respond with a link to your journal where you post your own review?

all through the year
I recall seeing a post by [ profile] the_moonmoth last year about Fannish Year 2013, and it was kind of cool so I thought I will post it here and see who likes to respond with their responses... As for mine, I have to think about them and I will respond to this one - after the NY celebrations! (only <4 h to go..)

1.  Your main fandom of the year:
2. Your favourite film this year:
3. Your favourite book this year:
4. Your favourite album or song this year:
5. Your favourite TV show this year:
6. Your favourite LJ community this year:
7. Your best new fandom discovery of the year:
8. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year:
9. Your TV/movie boyfriend of the year:
10. Your TV/movie girlfriend of the year:
11.  Your biggest squee moment of the year:
12.  Your most missed old fandom:
13.  Your fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?
14.  Your biggest anticipation of the New Year:
15.  Your Writing (if applicable):
15.1.                    Total Words
Jan -
Feb -
Mar -
Apr -
May -
Jun -
Jul -
Aug -
Sep –
Oct -
Nov -
Dec –

15.2.    Your favourite own story of this year:
15.3.    Most fun story to write:
15.4.    Your sexiest story:
15.5.    Your story with the single sexiest moment:
15.6.    Your story that shifted your own perceptions of the characters:
15.7.    Your hardest story to write:
16. Best story(ies)  you read this year:
17. The sexiest story(ies) you read this year :
18. The story with the single sexiest moment you read this year:
19. The story you read this year that shifted your own perceptions of the characters:
20. Biggest Disappointment:
21.  Biggest Surprise:
22. Your fanfic or profic goals for the New Year:
23. I'd like to thank the academy... (Thanks to your betas, frequent commenters/supporters, the people who stayed up with you late...)
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Awkward dance 2 photo awkwarddance_zps078bb8cb.gif

Has anyone heard of or attended "No Lights No Lycra" event? It is an event where people pay a small entrance fee to enter a big hall with dimmed lights and dance, dance, dance to their heart's content. No grog, no socialising (discussion is apparently actually discouraged), nobody checking out your moves (hence dimmed lights) - the aim is to play and exercise and express oneself moving in any way one wishes. Like awkward dancing when one is at home alone!

I haven't been to one but am dying to attend! Showing how cool and hip and oh so up to latest crazes I am (NOT!), I only heard about this this weekend, although it has been going on since 2009.

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Have been by myself for several days now, hubby being away. Done all the things a girl does when left on her own devices (notwithstanding the requirement to go to work and behave as an adult): stayed up late, not changed out of the pajamas the whole day (even when walking the doggies - that's what large overcoats are for!), cooking and eating from one pot, listening to favourite music LOUD, writing and reading like there is no tomorrow..

The best part though are the awkward dance movements - nobody is here to see me anyway, and the combination of those and the enticing outfit of trackie-pants, hoodie and ugg boots - ay caramba! (The dogs are scratching their heads though. Oh well, maybe it's only fleas.)

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